I am “e-reading” tonight… Or as I like to call it “reading”. I have been in on the Kindle love affair for a couple of years now and I’ll never go back!


I get the e-reader vs real book debate. I have a lot of friends ( and sisters ) who are adamantly against the e-reader. I feel you, I really do! I love the library. I love the indie bookstore. I really love the book section at Goodwill. Nothing makes me happier than to loan out or give away books that I have enjoyed.

BUT most if all, I am all about being able to get my hands on a book anywhere and anytime. Enter my lovely Kindle. Another pro is the cost. The new Kindles are mega-cheap. I bought two as Christmas gifts this year! E-books are also usually less expensive as there is no overhead.

I still get books from the library and occasionally buy a book from a bookstore but I am in love with my Kindle and never leave home without it. I am pretty much pro-anything that involves me reading more often πŸ™‚


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