Road Trip 2012: Shelburne Museum

We are headed out of Vermont! While staying on the incredible Lake Champlain, we visited the Shelburne Museum, which is a few minutes outside of Burlington. I hesitate to even call this place a museum- it is SO much more! Set up in a variety of historical buildings that were moved to the site, this museum houses everything from a vintage steam ship to a collection of automatons. Ridiculous!

20120627-121739.jpg Here’s a life size elephant sculpture made from recycled materials. Neato! This lovely fellow was part of the circus collection, which included a scale model of a circus parade that stretched over 500 feet!

20120627-121810.jpg Here is the general store, which was set up like an authentic general store of the mid 1800s. It housed an apothecary shop, which was amazing. Dragon’s blood anyone?

20120627-121804.jpg Some robots as part of the steampunk and time machines exhibit. There is really way too much to take in here… We spent hours at the place and could have easily spent the whole day there. It is definitely worth visiting if you are into unique Americana!


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