Road Trip 2012: White Mountains, NH

After leaving rainy Vermont, we headed to the White Mountains of new Hampshire. This was mostly to fuel Dad’s quest to hike as much of the AT as possible on this trip. We stayed in a state park, which are always the most beautiful and untouched campgrounds. This stream was right down the road from our site.

Moose print! Unfortunately, I didn’t spot the actual moose 😦

We stayed at the foot of Mt Washington, which is known for having the worst weather ever. It held the world wind speed record of 231(!!!) mph for many years. There is also snowfall recorded every month of the year. Dad hiked ( or rock climbed) to the top and we drove up this road to meet him at the top:



Once we made the wicked journey to the top, the views were incredible!

Here’s Clint and I in the wind on top. He is afraid of heights but he roughed it for me 🙂

Next up: Katahdin, Maine


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