Road Trip 2012: Maine

Maine is the last leg of our journey. We started out by heading into the wilderness (as in, 18 miles out a dirt road) towards Baxter State Park. We stayed at a campground on the Appalachian Trail, at the end of the famous “100 Mile Wilderness”. I enjoyed this view of Mt Katahdin, the northern terminus of the AT:

Not bad, huh?! While I got this view, Dad and Clint made the trek to the top to take in this :


I spotted this HUGE painted boulder on the side of the dirt road and fell in love

We headed out of the wilderness and onto the Maine coastline in Kennebunkport. The whole coast there is dotted with little beaches and small towns. We spent a few hours exploring Parson’s Beach, but the water was WAY too cold to get in. I can’t believe these Yankees were willing to brave the freezing temps. The beach was absolutely gorgeous, though.

Next up: What we ate!


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