Book Shelf: Looking for Alaska by John Green

This was my first John Green experience but it certainly won’t be my last. How have I managed to go this long without him? I loved this book. LOVED it.

looking for alaska

looking for alaska by john green

“Looking for Alaska” is a different kind of coming of age story about a teenager who moves away to a boarding school. He finally experiences true friendship before a tragic turn of events. It’s not fluff or typical teenage angst… but instead it just feels real. Perhaps this is why the book has been banned in many high schools? That just makes me like it more.

  The characters are so relatable… I found myself reflecting back to my high school days throughout the whole book.  You experience so many “firsts” during that time of your life… love, loss, true friendship. I think that most people start becoming the person that they’ll grow up to be during those high school years.

Green’s storytelling is  honest and refreshing. Alaska Young stole my heart and promptly broke it! IF you are an adult who sometimes enjoys “young adult” lit, then I definitely suggest this one.


What do you think?

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