This weekend, Mom and I drove down to Cullowhee to visit Beth. Western Carolina was hosting the “Mountain Heritage Day” festival, so it seemed like a great time for a visit. The festival was great- lots of local artisans, music and food 🙂 Beth and I had to get some Tiger’s Blood shaved ice when we spotted it!


We spent the rest of the day browsing thrift shops and hanging out in downtown Waynesville, which is a surprisingly cute town! I spotted these cute guys ( they were about 20 feet tall!) and looooved them at first sight.


Fun bonus fact: Beth and I now wear the same size pants, so I jacked these adorable coral jeans to wear all day on Saturday. I am so jealous that they don’t seem to be available any more online 😦 I enjoyed my time with them while it lasted … Sigh.


To top off the great weekend, Mom and I listened to John Denver the whole way home. One of my very favorites.


What did you do this weekend?

*Title of this post shamelessly stolen from Beth. 🙂


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