Being Good to Each Other

I worked at an elementary school last year whose #1 rule and expectation was simply “Be good to each other.” It’s the kind of attitude that can easily be overlooked in a busy world that’s not always a kind place.  Since I left that school, I’ve tried to instill this idea in my new students but most of all in myself.

Yesterday, I heard about a movement started by Ann Curry, called “26 Acts.” The idea is to perform 26 acts of kindness, each one in memory of a child or teacher lost last week at Sandy Hook Elementary. I’m attempting it! Children learn best by example, so I thought that this would be especially appropriate to share with my students this week. They bought into it big time!

Today, we delivered poinsettias to leaders at our school who we appreciate. We took cards and treats to our specialists. It made the kids feel good and I know that it made the recipients feel good. They begged to be able to perform more acts of kindness tomorrow!

A few hours later, I found this note on my desk. It’s from a kid who hasn’t always “been good to others.” In fact, at the beginning of the year, we butted heads pretty badly. Things like this show me that kindness really does matter :]

I hope that they will continue spreading their innocent love and kindness into the hearts of others this week and throughout their lives.


What do you think?

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