Spring Breaking in Nashville

When deciding on a Spring Break vacation location this year, I had a few requirements in mind. We needed to stay relatively close to home (driving distance) to save some cash for our big summer trip (more on that soon!!!), and we wanted to go somewhere that neither of us had ever been before. After  some quick research, we settled on Nashville. Good decision.
Before we even checked in, we went to the Grand Ole Opry. Yes, it is a tourist must-do! We both loved the show, especially a performance by one of my favorites of late, Old Crow Medicine Show. We also saw the Black Lillies, who were so great that they kept us out the next night as well.

We rented an Airbnb guesthouse (this one) in East Nashville, and it was darling! The host had it perfectly decorated and stocked with lots of goodies. The personal touches, like homemade soap in the shower and Keurig coffee pods that were ready to go, made the rental so much nicer than a hotel. We’ve used VRBO many times, but never Airbnb. If you are a VRBOer, I suggest that you try Airbnb. Here’s the house:

airbnb nashville rental

airbnb nashville rental

I’d like to hire the host to come and decorate for me. Very “Anthropologie-esque”.

We loved that Nashville is full of small, unique neighborhoods to explore. ONe that we loved was the Hillsboro area. There were lots of cute shops and restaurants and plenty of free parking. We had coffee and brunch at Fido, which was yummy and full of college hipsters. I LOVED the Davis Cookware and Cutlery shop, which is owned by a father and son team. They were hilarious and full of stories. The shop had just about everything a cook or baker could need, all stacked haphazardly on top of cardboard boxes. Organized chaos!

davis cookware nashville

Since I’m a sucker for bookstores, we popped into the Bookman/Bookwoman shop to look around. Nooks, crannies, closets, shelves, and boxes of books were stuffed from floor to ceiling. It was perfect.

bookman bookwoman nashville

We had coffee and treats a few times at the very popular (and worthwhile!) Barista Parlor. This joint was a hipster mecca for sure. Their coffee was fanccccyyyy and delicious, as was the chocolate waffle below.

barista parlor iced coffees


barista parlor nashville


barista parlor nashville

Nashville surprised me in that it’s definitely as hip as it is country. That said, country music or bluegrass (me!) fans will fall in love immediately. This was the perfect long weekend.


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