En Route


At 5:15 am, we set out on this great adventure. 5:15 is early- coffee or not! By 11:30, we made it to Nashville and stopped at Bicentennial Park for a picnic lunch and a walk.


Fast forward about 6 hours, and we hit up St. Louis, Missouri and the Gateway Arch. I especially liked this little detour because we were able to visit the Westward Expansion museum, which was an era that l absolutely loved teaching to my fifth graders this year. I also assembled and ate a sandwich off the trunk of my car in a downtown parking garage. That’s a first 🙂



Another 3 hours or so and we ended our day in Kansas City. Clint is disappointed that we did not get to KC at an appropriate time to eat ribs. Hotel breakfasts it is! Day 1 totaled about 18 hours and 950 miles. Phew!

Day 2 was easier, at around 600 miles, and the vistas were gorgeous. Kansas is just as big as you would expect, and it took forever to cross it. There are also not many places to “pit stop” like we did on Day 1, but we did love these giant windmills. We managed to avoid the storms and rain of the plains, but we saw plenty of ominous skies.





At last, our destination was in sight! Clint was so excited to see that the Rockies were snow capped. More on Colorado next time!



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