Rocky Mountain Magic and Mishaps


After leaving Woodland Park, we headed due north to the Rockies. We stayed in one of the most picturesque campsites that I can imagine. The Reverends Ridge Campground was voted one of the most romantic in the area, and I agree!


Aside from worrying about being eaten by bears (there were signs everywhere!) it was a total relaxation experience. On our second day there, we set out for Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. After driving above the timberline (around 11,000 feet), we happened upon a wicked surprise snow! Clint was full on freaking out. I guess I can now say that I have seen snow on June 2nd!


Unfortunately, that would not be our last run in with precipitation of the frozen variety that day! We drove through many tunnels of snow drift during our descent before stopping for a photo op on a beautiful snowfield. It was level and the snow looked hard packed and about a foot deep. Ohhhh so wrong we were! The harrowing result of sinking more than two feet deep in a snow drift. While wearing flip flops. And crop pants.

And that’s not all! Just after this lovely experience, I convinced Clint to carry me the few feet out to the car. Upon picking me up, he immediately sank into the snow up to his waist. This left me with one leg about two feet down into the snow. As I scrambled to get to the car (shrieking, out course), I lost a flip flop. Clint managed to save my shoe, but he could not get a hold on one of his own. He gets in the car and just says, “Leave the damn thing there!” So somewhere under the Colorado snow banks, there lies a men’s size 10 Salomon trail runner. May it rest in peace.

The hot sun and red rocks of Utah are next!


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