California Dreaming


After Las Vegas, we were ready to get back on that open road. We have discovered that we are more about the journey than the destination. We are finding ourselves looking forward to those long drives across the flat plains and deserts of the west. Who knew?

Reaching the California state line was a huge milestone, as neither Clint nor I had visited Cali before this trip. It was also state #10 on our journey!20130617-181335.jpg

Clint used this time to do a little check up on the Malibu, our faithful steed. As of now,wee have put 4,500 miles on the car, which had 172,000 when we left! Our parents were nervous about taking such a long trip in my well-worn car, but I have to say that she is doing just fine!

20130617-181615.jpgAs soon as we got back on the road, we entered the Mojave desert. I had to snap a few photos of these gorgeous Joshua trees.



Our first California destination was Sequoia National Park, which gives Arches a run for its money on my favorites list so far! Until next time.


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