Yellowstone – The Motherpark

Yellowstone was the last big park on our trek, and we definitely saved the best for last.The world’s first National Park just doesn’t disappoint! I have traveled to Yellowstone several times before, but I can honestly say that I was truly able to appreciate the beauty and majesty of the park this time around. I guess that age really does give you some scope to the wonders of life. Clint, a self proclaimed science and geology nerd, was like a kid at Disneyland. Geysers, pools, mountains, canyons, and wild animals around every corner – what’s not to love?

yellowstone elk

yellowstone geyser

We found a campground outside of the park (and paid a whopping $58/night for a tent site – seriously, KOA?) and stayed for two nights. I’ll be the first to tell you that this is probably not enough time to really delve into the park, but we made it work. We were there exploring until sunset, which actually meant less crowds and better photos at some of the geyser basins.

yellowstone pool

clint yellowstone



The park is in an ancient, dormant caldera, which admittedly gives me the heebie geebies. Maybe I’ve watched too many Discovery Channel specials about “What Happens When Yellowstone Blows!?” My natural aversion to grizzly bears can also add to the wonderful, nerve inducing travel anxiety in Yellowstone. I love it.


sarah yellowstone

The vibrant colors and pungent smells of the pools were more impressive than the “big attraction” geysers like Old Faithful. Who knew that bacteria could be so pretty? We kept wondering if the animals who live in the park ever fall to their death in a boiling geyser. There are enough signs EVERYWHERE warning tourists not to get to close. Boiled bison, anyone?

ipad 826 ipad 841

The grand finale of our trip was perfect and left us longing for more travel. Once you see Yellowstone, however, most other destinations are a bit of a letdown! Next up – my favorite post so far details our road trip by the numbers!


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