Road Trip By The Numbers

Here’s how our trip stacked up by the numbers!map photoedit 
Days on the road – 30
Most miles traveled in one day – 962 to Kansas City
Total miles driven – 8,662
Roadside bathroom breaks behind a tree – WAY too many to count…ugh!
In N Out Burgers Eaten – 6
Bears encountered – Only 1 in the wild
States visited – 19
Laundromats visited – 4
Minor arguments about directions – ummmm, several. We still love each other!
Car washes – 3
Nights sleeping in a hotel – 14
Nights sleeping in a tent – 11
Nights sleeping in a hammock – 1 at Grand Canyon North Rim
Nights crashing in the Malibu – 4
National Parks visited – 9
Lowest temperature- 33 on Pikes Peak, Colorado
Highest temperature – 110 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Iced coffees consumed – too many to count! Starbucks is my weakness!
Lowest elevation- 0 ft at sea level in California
Highest elevation- 14,262 ft at Pikes Peak in Colorado
Bumper stickers purchased – 8
Souvenir t-shirts purchased- 5
Highest price for a tent site- $58 at West Yellowstone
Lowest price for a tent site- FREE!
Highest speed limit – 80mph in Utah on Interstate 15
Highest amount paid for gas – $4.20 per gallon (Ouch!)
Lowest amount paid for gas – $3.20 per gallon
Amount lost playing the slots in Las Vegas – $23.00
#1 road trip theme song – Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show

What do you think?

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