Trials, Tribulation, and Renovation – The “Before”

Well, this is the big moment – revealing our “before.” I will warn you, it is scary in here! We have basically ripped the entire house apart after finding numerous problem areas.

Before you ask, we did hire a home inspector before buying. He did not find any of the water damage, dangerous electrical, or backwards plumbing that we were able to locate the first day in. Needless to say, a home inspection was pretty much useless for us. Live and learn!

Here is the kitchen.

In this room, we have pulled out the old paneled cabinets, donated the countertop and removed one floating wood floor and three layers of gross linoleum. What a mess! Under all of that is a paper and glue combo that has proved impossible to remove. We are trying a few more ideas before replacing the subfloor or putting down another layer of plywood.

Here’s the bathroom.



This room ended up gutted, as you can see. Water damage was everywhere – the subfloor and the drywall. We are replacing the subfloor, moving the sink wall out to the next joist (into the living room), putting in a new tub and shower, new drywall, new ceiling, and finally a new vanity and toilet. This is a huge project, but we are almost ready to start building back up.

The living room and bedrooms look scary, but will only get new flooring and paint on that circa 1966 paneling.



There she is! I told Clint the other day that this house is like a bruise – it’s ugly and it’s going to look worse before it gets better. We have learned so much during this project so far. It is definitely more than we anticipates taking on, but we are all in! I hope to be back soon with some progress updates – if I can survive until then 😉


What do you think?

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