Road Trip Essentials

Two words: pack light! Besides the obvious camping gear, here are a few things that were most handy on our month-long journey by car.

A good daypack is absolutely key! I used this REI Flash Pack. It has a roomy main compartment, two stretchy side pockets, and a nice place to put a water reservoir. It is also pretty budget friendly!

Spotify Premium is well worth the $10 monthly subscription fee ($5 if you are a student!). Playlists can be made available offline on a mobile device, which was great for the many miles traveled with no cell service! You can also collaborate on a playlist, which is nice if you and your traveling partner have different tastes. For example, 90s hip hop and Bob Seger.


I wore this pair of black, stretchy crop pants more often that I’d like to admit. They are comfortable for long drives as well as outdoor activities. They dry quickly for impromptu laundry in a sink. These were around $20 at Target, but you can certainly get fancy and spend much more at REI or Lululemon 🙂
C9 by Champion® Women's Advanced Performance Capri Pants - Assorted Colors

Baby wipes were a last minute addition to my car bag and I ended up replenishing them throughout the trip. They were fantastic for cleaning up car messes, taking off makeup at night, and the obvious on-the-go hand washing.

baby wipes

Good luck travelers!


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