Cutting The Cord

Lots of people have asked me about this subject, so I’m going to write up a quick post for the record. It has been about a year since Clint and I decided to “cut the cord” with our satellite TV. Our catalyst was moving, which gave us about a month of no TV before moving in with my parents to work on our house. We have been going strong for about 6 months here at the new house and will never go back to paying for satellite.

To stream TV from the internet, you will need some kind of device. We chose the Roku HD for its cost effective price point, but you could also go with the new Google Chromecast (no Amazon Prime, though), the Amazon Fire TV, or any of those newfangled gaming consoles. We also bought a Roku Streaming Stick for another TV in our house and love it – plus it is only $49!

Although there are plenty of free channels available on our Roku, to get the most access to content, you will want to subscribe to some kind of streaming service. We currently have Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. We also bought an HD antenna to get out local channels.

Here’s how the cost breaks down (for 1 TV) –
Roku Streaming Stick – $49
HD Ultra Thin Antenna – $9
Total hardware costs – $58 (less than we paid for one month of satellite!)

Our monthly costs are $7.99/mo for Netflix and ~$8.25/mo for Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime also includes free two-day shipping (why we got it in the first place, years ago), a Kindle lending library, and streaming music. All in all – a great deal!


What do you think?

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