Hunting Island: Camping Paradise in the Carolinas

Our impending summer road trip is going to interfere with our annual nephew quality time trip, so Clint and I packed up the car, the dog, and Connor for a little jaunt out to Hunting Island State Park. Our other little family adventures have been well documented here.  Having never been camping, Connor was stoked to see what it was all about, declaring “Today is camping day!” when he woke up. We couldn’t wait to share one of our favorite ways to travel with one of our favorite kids šŸ™‚

Of course, the little navigator had to point out the way from his car seat. “This way, then that way. Then you’re there!” It’s not rocket science, people! IMG_3537


the trusty hooligan 3 is just over a small hill, tucked away!

After being greeted by the awesome volunteer hosts at Hunting Island (who even gave Scout a treat!), we scoped out our site. I just booked the place last week, and it was packed with Spring Break vacationers. Site 132 ended up being the perfect place to pitch a tent – wooded with pine trees, palms, and shrubs and blanketed with a thick, spongy layer of pine needles.


There was also room to set up both of our beloved eno hammocks, which Connor loved! Our first night in, we headed out to the beach for a little photo action and a walk for Scout. Dog and kid alike loved romping in the sand!


path to the beach




natural dunes and vegetation



seashell collection


doggie pawprints in the sand

We spent the next day walking the beach, making sand castles, climbing across dunes and exploring sandbars (or “salad bars,” depending on who you’re talking to). The campground also had access to several trails for biking and hiking. We loved the Magnolia Forest trail, which wove in and around the marshes to the lighthouse. Connor declared that this place was the best jungle ever. Watch out for lions, y’all!





Of course, there was lots of time for roasting hot dogs, riding bikes, and cuddling in the hammocks.


best buds


scout, chief watchdog


greeting every camper with a cheerful “good morning!”

We can’t wait to go back to this beautiful island! There is so much more that we didn’t have time to explore this trip. At only around a 5 hour drive from home, I’m sure we will enjoy more weekends there soon.


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