A Day in San Diego

First things first, this is one of those “reality of travel” kinds of posts. I wish I could say that San Diego was all we cracked it up to be, but it wasn’t for us. Traffic, parking, crowds, expense – it was all too much. We did spend the day in the city, wandering around Balboa Park and exploring the tide pools at Cabrillo National Monument – both of which were pleasant. We visited the San Diego Natural History Museum (also known as “The Nat”) and purchased extra tickets for the Maya Exhibition. The Nat is highly rated on TripAdvisor, so I was sure that it would blow our socks off. I don’t feel that we got our money’s worth – $56 for two tickets. We couldn’t help compare it to the Smithsonian in DC or NYC’s incredible American Museum of Natural History.


the shores at cabrillo national monument




skulls exhibit at the NAT


our birthdays, according to the mayan calendar

After a ho-hum day, we were ready to head out of the crowds and back to the road. Several more frustrating days, including a nerve-wracking car break in,  led us to abandon our initial plan to drive the California coast to Big Sur and beyond. We were high-tailing it to Oregon and couldn’t be happier!


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