Oregon: Lucky State Number 11!

We pretty much rolled into Oregon on two wheels – ready to explore a brand new state! The Pacific Northwest has been on my go-to list since I was a teenager, but this is the first time we got around to visiting. It looks like my sister will be migrating this way in the fall, so I’m sure this won’t be our last rodeo in the PNW.


After crossing into the state near Mount Shasta (in a lovely town called “Weed”), we headed straight for Crater Lake National Park. It was July 4th AND a Saturday afternoon, so the crowds were pretty intense. Crater Lake is a smaller park and it is pretty remote, but that didn’t stop tons of folks from filling up the campground. We were lucky enough to snag a prime spot to set up the tent. The campground was very dog friendly, and we met several furry friends that just made us miss our babies at home!

site a2 at Mazama Campground

site a2 at Mazama Campground

Just because we are camping, that doesn’t mean my beloed meal plan has gone by the wayside. Y’all know that I am fully committed to the meal plan. We’ve been planning a few real meals and lots of sandwiches and snacks. This night, I made a one-pot pasta. Totally convenient since I only have one burner on my camp stove 😉

outdoor cooking

outdoor cooking

After relaxing at the campground for a while, we headed to the Rim Village to explore the lakeside. There is a trail that meanders around the rim of the huge lake. It was a little crowded for our taste, but we still had some time for photo ops.

I didn’t grasp the magnitude of the lake until I saw a boat puttering along out in the middle – a tiny white speck on that deep blue water! The lake’s surface elevation is around 6,000 feet, and it has spots that are almost 2,000 feet deep! And as my mom asked, it really is that blue.






We had an awesome campfire and some hard cider with music to top of a great day! Much more from Oregon to come!


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