Cruising Coastal Oregon on the 101

Enough with the Oregon love affair, right? When we planned this trip, one of our ideas was to drive the Pacific Coast Highway up the California coast. We didn’t take into account that every other person on earth (it seemed) would be doing the same thing! We knew that we wanted to get back to the coast when we left Bend, and that we did! The Pacific Coast Highway is the perfect way to see the Oregon coastline while stopping into all of the tiny beach towns and public beaches along the way. We stopped at this particular viewpoint for an amazing shot of the ocean!

beautiful oregon coastline

beautiful oregon coastline


A short drive later, we happened upon a great public beach access. We actually drove the Malibu onto the beach to park! Even though it was too cool to go for a swim, the views were rewarding and that ocean breeze was refreshing.





doggie paw prints in the sand

We stayed in a couple of state parks in Oregon, both of which were beachside. It was kind of difficult to get a spot at the last minute, but we managed to snag one night at each place we camped. We made our way to Astoria, a small town with a history that dates all the way back to the Lewis and Clark expedition! The explorers first saw the Pacific near Astoria. We shopped around and decided to eat at the Fort George Brewery and Pub. We are pub food people – casual, fried, and big portions!

After dinner, I convinced Clint to take the short drive up to Mikey’s House – from the Goonies! I have loved this movie since I was a kid, so I was STOKED to see the house. It is in a residential neighborhood and someone lives in the house. Thankfully, they welcome visitors who come to gawk and do the Truffle Shuffle.

goonies never say die

goonies never say die

first you gotta do the truffle shuffle.

first you gotta do the truffle shuffle.

This was our last stop in Oregon, and it was the best way to end a great stretch!


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