Podcasts are Taking Over My Free Time


I’ve noticed that over the last few months, I’ve almost completely stopped listening to music or morning talk shows on my 30 minute commute to and from work.  The Podcast has replaced my jams! Here are a few of my favorites lately, and a particularly interesting episode or two from each to get you started.

Side Note – I listen to podcasts on my iPhone using the Podcasts app, which is free. It compiles episodes like an RSS feed collects your blog posts.

1.Freakonomics – There’s a reason this show is so popular. It is informative and well produced. I also love Stephen Dubner’s sense of humor. I’ve read all of the “Freaknomics” books and I love the podcast just as much. This show drops weekly (on Thursdays).

My favorite episodes are “The Three Hardest Words in the English Language” and “Does Early Education Come Way Too Late?”

2. Stuff You Should Know – Produced by “How Stuff Works,” this show can get you hooked on a seemingly straightforward topic (such as Tupperware or public relations) in a few minutes. The hosts, Chuck and Josh, are also great comedians.

My favorite episodes are “How Grimm’s Fairy Tales Work”  and “How Tupperware Works” 

3. The Longest Shortest Time – This is technically a show geared toward parents, but every episode I’ve listened to has been great for this child-free girl. Hillary Frank is not afraid to venture to any topic!

My favorite episodes are “The Accidental Gay Parents” (2 parter!) and “The Scarlet A”

4. TED Radio Hour If you enjoy a good TED talk, you will love this show. I like that is is focused on one topic, but features many speakers with different viewpoints.

My favorite episodes are “The 7 Deadly Sins” and “Building Better Cities” 

5. 99% Invisible – Roman Mars takes a close look at the things in the background of our lives. Like the fortune cookie or credit cards. Fascinating and quick!

My favorite episodes are “Dead Letter Office” and “Penn Station Sucks” 



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