Weekend in the ‘Noog – See Rock City!

We spent a spontaneous couple of days in Chattanooga last weekend – out of the desperate need to spend some time together in the car! Talking, listening to podcasts, singing along to our favorite jams and planning our next meal. Like a breath of fresh air, I say!

The first place we headed on Saturday morning was Rock City – the iconic Chattanooga tourist’s destination for about 85 years! I had visited Rock City years ago as a kid and honestly expected to be underwhelmed. Don’t these things always seem so much bigger when you are little? We were both pleasantly surprised by our foggy, drizzly morning in the enchanting Rock City!

Sadly, we didn’t get a single photo of the beautifully creepy “Fairyland Caverns,” which would have been even more enjoyable for someone who was tripping on acid. Absolutely weird and unexpected.

We spent the rest of our weekend trolling the shops at Northshore and snacking on some amazing food. Clumpies homemade ice cream, City Cafe breakfast, and Terminal Brewhouse beer and pizza!


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