Gearing Up

We are gearing up (literally and figuratively) for another long trip this summer. Our destination? Alaska – the last frontier!

As we get some travel time under out belts, planning becomes a little easier with each trip. We have made all of the packing mistakes and have pretty much pared our gear down to the bare minimum needed to be comfortable on the road.

This summer, however, we’ll be plugging along in a brand new “road wagon.” Yes, our faithful steed, the old Malibu has retired from her long days on the road! We purchased a Dodge Caravan a few months ago and couldn’t be happier with it. SO. MUCH. ROOM. We’ve spent a couple of weekends designing and building a bed for the van with lots of storage underneath for all of our stuff. We’re hoping eliminate the need for those late nights pitching the tent in the dark. The van will be transformed into a cozy “house on wheels” minus the whole bathroom and kitchen situation 😉

Here’s the current situation:



A peek under the platform



6” plastic storage tubs slide in and out of the back hatch. 



Sliding storage accessible from both side doors with extra room behind the front seats. 



Joist hangers hold the “slats” firmly in place

The whole system can be removed in just a few minutes and breaks down into individual pieces for storage when we’re not on the road. I have ordered a piece of 4” firm foam to throw on top for a mattress. I’d say we spent about $50 in lumber and hardware. About the same cost as a night in a cheap hotel!


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