I was sad to leave Utah, but knowing the North Rim was next made it just a bit more bearable. If you are a first time visitor to the Canyon, then I recommend you visit the North Rim over the South. The South Rim is a bit of a circus – hordes of tourists, gift shops, restaurants, and lodges. If you are just looking to enjoy the Canyon, the North Rim is the way to go. There are enough “amenities” to make the stay comfortable, but not an overload of other people. We were able to snag one night at the campground (it is busy in peak season, but they do take advanced reservations). Our spot was close enough to easily walk out to the rim.

On our drive into the park, we spotted a huge herd of bison. I didn’t even realize that GCNP had bison! It was a great photo op.



Since we were only there for one night, we spent most of our time hanging out on the lodge porch. We listened to a ranger talk about California Condors (never seen one…) and just enjoyed the view.








The weather was so nice at Grand Canyon that we actually skipped the tent and opted to sleep in our hammocks! Talk about being at one with nature. Being able to swing slowly in my hammock while snuggled in my sleeping bag and gaze at the stars was amazing.

Now for a little backstory before my next blurb. Back in Utah, Clint and I struck up some conversation with a great couple from Washington. We exchanged information and went out separate ways. Fast forward to the Grand Canyon (maybe 250 miles from where we were in Utah). Clint runs into our new friend Gary in the shower house! Crazy talk. They came over to our campsite and cooked breakfast for us while we sat around and talked for a couple of hours. Being able to have some good conversation with someone besides each other at this point was like an answered prayer. I think that some of the greatest things you can gain from your travels are those unexpected friendships with strangers. Here’s Gary and Louise.


Culture shock ensues next in glitzy Las Vegas!