The Forgotten Coast – Cape San Blas

beautiful gulf sunset!

beautiful gulf sunset!

I heard about Cape San Blas and the St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park through several travel blogs and decided that we should start somewhere new yet familiar for the big trip. After a couple days visiting with family in Georgia, we made our way down to the Florida peninsula for a couple of days on the beach.  I have been visiting the Gulf Coast since I was a kid, and Clint and I have traveled there together several times, so it still feels a little like home.

sandy feet

St. Joseph’s Peninsula extends far out into the Gulf from Port St. Joe. The road out is long and pretty empty- I guess that’s why they call this coast “forgotten.” I didn’t notice a single hotel or motel on the Cape, but there were tons of beautiful beach houses and long, sandy roads out to the beach. The peninsula is pretty narrow, and there are even some spots where you can see both the Gulf and the bay at the same time!


sunset walk

We camped on a cute site that had just enough room to tuck out tent away behind a few trees. The “backyard” of the site was actually a marsh! It was beautiful, but I did imagine an alligator creeping up on me in the night. Alas, the only creatures to worry about were the swarms of mosquitoes and a rogue possum that went face-to-face with Clint the first night in. There was no rain in the forecast, so we slept without the rain fly. There’s something to be said about looking up through the palms into the night sky.

the new rei kingdom 4 sporting some eno led lights!

the new rei kingdom 4 sporting some eno led lights!

home for the night - hidden in the palms

home for the night – hidden in the palms

the campsite's backyard

the campsite’s backyard

It was hot, hot, hot and the humidity was truly oppressing – even at night! Our gracious camping neighbors, Jim and Karen from Atlanta, loaned us a big fan, but it was just not enough to touch that humidity. I think that this park would be much more enjoyable in the early fall, but the beaches were gorgeous and the water was just the right temperature. We hit the beach early to swim and escape the heat!

I can’t finish this post without mentioning Weber’s Little Donut Shop, which is a teeny tiny shack selling donuts each morning until they are “sold out or worn out.” The owners treated us to a deep fried glazed croissant, which may have changed my life. Yum!

weber's donuts - made fresh each morning!

weber’s donuts – made fresh each morning!

Next up, Texas – maybe the donuts will be even bigger there?!